We think you’re one of the most talented stage photographers we know!!!
-Angelique Kidjo /Jean Hebrail


"when I look at your photographs of people I remember what a good photograph is.”
"Judy achieves  a combination of subtlety, beauty and precision”  
-Lloyd Timberlake/Susan Sechler

authentic, natural, genuine
- Edwina S


Judy was born with the eye to catch the instant.
Her photographs, no matter the subject, always capture the curl of the wave of action
 before it crashes into the common-place.
Her work is intimate, profound, joyous, reflective and vital.   Peter Webster

 "you capture the essence and spirit of a person, the spontaneous moments..the gestures and expressions"  NancyT


      intuitive, wide and deep   Lucy Gellman
      captures the hidden moments   Patrick D

      seamlessly moves through a crowd..
      unobtrusive but everywhere   Becky Paugh

around the world
   “soulful, insightful, emotionally attuned…nancy L
           engaging, inspiring, consoling

just because
     A loving eye. A loving heart. A sharp mind.  Attention to Detail and gestalt.   C.H.

     evocative, mysterious, enduring      Raechel B

   authentic, compelling, beautiful,   Andy B
   insightful and curious   CBK

wonder/natural world
      brilliant eye; personal , warm  Sandra B/
    inspirational ,elegant, sensitive, technically adept, professional...
   in synch with   the  possible    Carla H

mother daughter
   “soulful, insightful, emotionally attuned… 
    makes the unseen, visible     Laura P

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