how i work

I am a curious natural observer and problem solver.  
As a photojournalist, I capture the essence and spirit of what unfolds before me.

I listen carefully to a client’s needs. I ask good questions, use my creativity, intellect, and an intuitive sense of seeing beyond.  My  20 + years of experience have informed  my eye, developed my skills and cultivated my ability to work with the layers of what I encounter. Clients are grateful for our conversations, as that process facilitates planning and organization.

What is the assignment or event?   Do you know what you are seeking from the photography? 

An assignment could require 10 good images, or many more, depending upon the scope of the project.

I am focused and prepared; receptive and spontaneous, while making the process smooth and easy for everyone.  While I am usually photographing alone, I enjoy the opportunity to be collaborative.  Good communication, understanding, and a sense of humor are integral to an ease of relationship. 

The camera is an extension of my artist's eye and my open heart to the beauty and depth in people, places and things.

I am available for assignments  ~ I love the work!

Educational clients and schools cannot give permission to use the actual images, because of privacy.  I have included pdfs of materials to demonstrate the public and published usage of my work.  I am respectful of client privacy. 

all rights reserved, all images   © judy sirota rosenthal

client list

Partial Client List

International Festival of Arts and Ideas, 1996-98, 2004-present
performances, talks, audiences, staging, galas, dinners, special events
The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, 2010-present
meetings, convenings, annual reports, head shots
Albertus Magnus College, 1999-present
special events,  graduations, reunions
Foote School, 1999 - present
classrooms, special events, graduations, theater, sports
Hopkins School, 2012 - present
special assignments,  school activities, prize day, graduation
Neighborhood Music School, 2008 - present
classroom teaching, dance, music, drama, special events
The Institute Library, 2013 - present
educational gatherings,  galas, special events
Yale University, 2004 -present
meetings, special events, donor events, head shots
Yale University Medical School, 2004 -present
graduations, meetings, donor events
Yale Cancer Center, 2004, 2016 - present
head shots, special events
Yale Sustainable Food Project, 2004 - 2009
the development of the whole project
Fair Haven Community Health Clinic, 2015-2017
health care in multiple settings, development brochure
special events, galas, City Wide Open Studios, artists and their art
Arts Council of Greater New Haven, 2004- present
Eli Whitney Museum, 1998-present
Elm Shakespeare Company, 1998- 2015
productions, galas, rehearsals, promotions
New Haven Reads
Site Projects, 2004 -2015
preparations, projects,  meetings, galas
The Moth
Project Kesher
Voyage on the Volta;  site visits and tour, Ukraine and Yalta

Many families and individuals

Published in New York Times, The New Yorker, Yale Magazine, Yale Publications, Albertus Magnus Publications, New Haven Register, The Jewish Week, Hopkins Magazine, Foote Prints, New Haven Independent, Connecticut Magazine, among others and widely on the web.

client comments

We think you’re one of the most talented stage photographers we know!  
                                                                           Angelique Kidjo /Jean Hebrail

Judy Rosenthal was born with the eye to catch the instant.
Her photographs, no matter the subject, always capture the curl of the wave of action before it crashes into the common-place.
Her work is intimate, profound, joyous, reflective and vital.
She was born to the camera, and the camera was invented for her.
                                                                       Peter Webster,  Arts and Ideas Festival

Judy Rosenthal has the rare ability to capture the essence of whatever subject she views through her lens. She not only defines its physicality with incredible detail, but her work evokes what is often indescribable -- the life, the pulse, the meaning of the moment.

                                                                 Julian Schlusberg, The Foote School

The photography of Judy Sirota Rosenthal achieves a combination of subtlety, beauty and precision …                                                                                                      

                                                                                 Lloyd Timberlake , author

When I look at your photographs of people I remember what a good photograph is.  
You are startlingly unobtrusive when you work, yet you get the best shots.
                                                                           Susan S.,  bride, family photographs

Your photographs are insightful, joyful, nuanced.
I could go on & on raving about how you capture the essence & spirit of a person...the spontaneous moments...the expressions and postures…
                                                                             Nancy T., mother of  three brides

Inspirational, elegant,  beautiful, sensitive, natural,
in synch with nature, emotion, environment, the possible,
related to a dream and a vision, 
technically adept, professional, 
caring, a loving lens
A loving eye. A loving heart. A sharp mind. Detail and gestalt.  
                                                               Carla H.,   family and  institutional events

Your work is evocative, mysterious, and enduring…..   
                                                                                    Raechel  B .mother of bride, 
Intimate, glowing and personal
                                              Laura C  .  Site Projects              

You seamlessly move through a crowd,  authentically capturing what is present..
                                                 Rebecca P., family portraits and institutional events

amazing ability to take a photo that captures and conveys emotion.  
                                                                    Claire C.,  bride and family celebrations

authentic, compelling and beautiful    
                                                               Andy B,   Foote School

Your images have warmth, caring, and light.            
                                                                         Ann B.  family and institutional events
 Your work is intuitive, narrative, compassionate;
  warm , thoughtful and true….
                                                  Gale Z,    photographer

 emotive, wide/deep, truthful
                                              Lucy G ,   writer and photographer

  organic, composed, alive!   
                                               Dan M,    writer and photographer