how i work

I am a curious natural observer and problem solver.  
As a photojournalist, I capture the essence and spirit of what unfolds before me.

I listen carefully to a client’s needs. I ask good questions, use my creativity, intellect, and an intuitive sense of seeing beyond.  My  20 + years of experience have informed  my eye, developed my skills and cultivated my ability to work with the layers of what I encounter. Clients are grateful for our conversations, as that process facilitates planning and organization.

What is the assignment or event?   Do you know what you are seeking from the photography? 

An assignment could require 10 good images, or many more, depending upon the scope of the project.

I am focused and prepared; receptive and spontaneous, while making the process smooth and easy for everyone.  While I am usually photographing alone, I enjoy the opportunity to be collaborative.  Good communication, understanding, and a sense of humor are integral to an ease of relationship. 

The camera is an extension of my artist's eye and my open heart to the beauty and depth in people, places and things.

I am available for assignments  ~ I love the work!

Educational clients and schools cannot give permission to use the actual images, because of privacy.  I have included pdfs of materials to demonstrate the public and published usage of my work.  I am respectful of client privacy. 

all rights reserved, all images   © judy sirota rosenthal